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Capital Raising

Capital raising is a major issue for many startups and scaling businesses, wishing to take their idea to the next level. Generating funding from the most appropriate sources is a necessity for any growing venture. Scale has a dedicated team focused solely on capital raising to assist your enterprise in the complex process of negotiations with interested investors, to finalising your equity or debt arrangements.

Investments Opportunities

Scale provides astute investors the opportunity to invest in high-growth investments, that have been undergone due-diligence and been carefully vetted by our team. Depending on your risk industry preference and risk appetite, we are able to provide a range of investments from early-stage ventures, to mature enterprises seeking to scale. Typically we work with investors seeking to invest $1 million and above.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you’re seeking to increase your business market share, spread your fixed costs, gain greater control of your operations or supply chain, diversify into new activities, or expand your geographic stance, acquiring another company or structuring a merger, may bring these benefits faster than organic expansion could ever allow. With our strong network, we can identify opportunities for you business to explore M&A options.

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