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phase ONE program

Whether you are a startup or established business, whether you are seeking to grow, scale, merge or acquire, or launch  a new products or service – what may seem viable during internal discussions, is a completely different proposition when it comes to execution.

What is a panel of experts come help you identity gaps from the outset, saving you potentially millions in wasted time and resources.

At Scale, through a process of strategic due diligence, we help companies minimise their risks, reduce costs on redundant activities, and in the process refocus, reenergise and elevate their brand to new heights.

Strategy precedes all activities, it creates confidence in a business, and if completed correctly, will transform your brand.


Establish the Foundation

  • Structured Management Interviews
  • Data Download, Analysis & Review
  • Current Business Plan & Strategy Review
  • Review of Branding, Positioning & Technology
  • Comprehensive Business SWOT Analysis
  • Provide Hypothesis on Overall Business


Analyse the Team

  • Internal Analysis of Current Business
  • Structured Employee & Team Interviews
  • Validation of Capabilties to Support Growth
  • Realisation of Synergies for Potential M&A
  • Comprehensive Capabilities SWOT Analysis
  • Provide Hypothesis on Employees & Team


Understand the Market

  • External Interviews – Experts, Suppliers, Partners
  • Focus Groups – Clients, Users & Potential Users
  • Competitor Profiling, Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Market Research, Segmentations & Trends
  • Comprehensive Market SWOT Analysis
  • Provide Hypothesis on Market Position


Financial Audit

  • Full Review of All Financial Statements
  • Analysis of Revenues, Sales & Costs
  • Benchmarking Against Industry Metrics
  • Identification of Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Comprehensive Financial Risk Analysis
  • Provide Hypothesis on Financial Situation


Planned Initiatives 

  • Review of New Idea, Offering, Concept, M&A etc.
  • Comprehensive Brainstorming Exercises
  • Interviews with Subject Matter / Industry Experts
  • Validation Using Select Focus Groups
  • Comprehensive Initiative SWOT Analysis
  • Provide Hypothesis on Planned Initiatives 



  • Perspective on Market, Technology & Trends
  • Strategic Perspective on Opportunties & Threats
  • Summary of Uncertaintities / Unknowns
  • Consensus on Overall Guiding Strategy
  • Consensus on Immediate Action Plan
  • Presentation of  Business Strategy

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